MassivelementalsIllustration and Easy to Use Web-Pictures for Everybody.

Add a hand-made touch to all your projects!

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Remember when you discovered clip art? You put it in everything – your presentations, your email, your handouts, on your website! But that was a long time ago, and the people who once thought your use of clip art so clever are now tired of looking at your outdated material. Time to rejuvenate, re-energize, and relaunch, with the help of Massivelementals!

Massivelementals are collections of hand-drawn web pictures that you can use in your projects completely free of royalties*. With Massivelementals, you can immediately increase interest in your website, class handouts, emails, and your own blog! Tired of watching people nod off during your presentations at work? Just throw a few Massivelementals in there and watch them perk right up! *(see our license and usage guide here)

This passage above adapted from a review written by Derek Lee at Bits Du Jour. Thanks!

  • Give your Website a fresh new look.
  • Keep Viewers Engaged with fun, hand drawn images.
  • Spruce up Handouts for your students.
  • Make Emails more interesting.
  • Make your Blog more fun!
  • Keep people watching your Presentations at work.
  • The sets contain a PDF sheet with all the images (which can be used to easily extract the image you want), and single image pngs that are ready to be dropped into any and all of your projects!
  • Contact us about Custom Massivelementals for your Business, Blog, Website, Facebook Fan Page.
  • Contact us for a FREE TRIAL SET.

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